5 Simple Steps to Style the perfect tipi sleepover party

How do you create a new theme? The theme idea process:

Tipi Sleepover parties in Cornwall

Have you ever thought about how I come up with and create a new theme for the tipi sleepover parties? Here are my 5 steps on designing the perfect theme:

1. Research: My first port of call is Pinterest (you will see a running theme with my posts that involve Pinterest – I’m obsessed!) I research new themes and initial ideas that I would want to sell to you. Mind mapping potential themes was one of the first things I did when working on my business – trying to figure out what people would want to see and have!

2. Feedback: I use my social media a lot to interact with my customers and future customers to see what they want. I use polls regularly to engage with them to understand what they prefer and could be looking for.

3. Shopping: I spend a huge amount of time gathering ideas for little details that build up the overall theme for the tipi sleepover. I shop around for new items to create the perfect look, I love doodling to help visualise the layouts. I even make new tipi covers so these can be part of the design! 

4. Style: Once I have all the items collected, I style the tipis in my house so I can get an idea of the arrangements and aesthetics for the new sleepover theme.

5. Launch: The best bit! I launch it to you! I love getting feedback on the new themes; What people love, what else I could add. I love making the new sleepover party themes for my customers so they are perfect for when customers want to book them. 

There you go! An easy guide on how I create new and exciting themes available for you to book and have a magical sleepover party!

Love Kell x

Published by duskdreamstipicornwall

I am a creative and easy going business owner who creates magical sleepover parties in Cornwall

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