Cornwall Sleepover Themes

The inspiration behind my theme choices

What themes do you offer? This is a common question asked and I LOVE answering it!

Petal Pink Dreams – This sleepover theme was the first theme for Dusk Dreams Tipi Cornwall. A perfect girly setting fit for every princess!

Paradise Dreams – This theme was launched over lock-down. I usually go on holiday in the Easter Holidays but I wasn’t able to. I know so many people were missing their getaways so I wanted to create something that will give children, and adults, the feeling of paradise!

Safari Explorer Dreams – A year ago I went to Tanzania on a four week expedition with 9 students. It was the most incredible and challenging experience I have been on but I loved it. This was inspired by the safari expedition.

Wedding Kids Korner – ohhh nearly! I haven’t launched this one yet! But I will give you a clue, its pretty awesome! Watch this space for the Mini VIP Launch (sneak peak picture below, I couldn’t help myself!)

Weddings Cornwall Mini VIP

I am always brainstorming new theme ideas, but if you think of others that you’d like to see here at Dusk Dreams Tipi Cornwall – drop me a message! Love Kell x

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I am a creative and easy going business owner who creates magical sleepover parties in Cornwall

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