Market Research – Sleepover Parties Cornwall

Have your say! Last week I did some market research on my Instagram Followers for on potential customers. This way I can see what it is YOU want!

  1. How many children do you have?
  • 88% = 1=2
  • 12% = 3+

2. Have you ever hired out equipment for your child’s party?

  • 41% = Yes
  • 59% = No

If Yes, Why?

‘Takes the strain off you and you can enjoy the moment.’ ‘Easier than doing it ourselves and they can clean up after.’ ‘to entertain the children.’ ‘it makes it more fun and different each time.’ ‘ I didn’t have the things i wanted to create the party for my daughter.’ ‘ a more fun experience.’ ‘no stress of organising.’

If No, Why?

‘I feel I could possibly do it cheaper.’ ‘Not old enough yet.’ ‘Too expensive.’ ‘Self Supplied.’

3. What do you love most about your child’s birthday?

‘Special memories.’ ‘Their reaction.’ ‘The joy you see in their faces.’ ‘The excitement in their faces.’ ‘They deserve the best.’ ‘Precious memories.’ ‘Their smiles are priceless.’

So, What have I taken from this survey and how will it affect you!

  1. It is important for you that your children will have a perfect day.
  2. You do not want the hassle of having to organised too much.
  3. You want to make special memories.
  4. You want to have something different so it keeps it fun.
  5. You don’t want it to be too expensive!
  6. Your children are possibly too young.

I hear you!

What I can guarantee?

  1. Dusk Dreams Tipi sleepover parties are unique and special in every way. With a variety of different themes and new ones launching regularly, you will be sure to see a smile on your child’s face.
  2. With added packages and options, I can arrange as much or as little as you want, From arty bags to sweet treats and even breakfast hampers for the morning.
  3. These Tipi sleepovers, day packages or garden parties will definitely make memories they will cherish forever.
  4. With our Besties Bundles you can have an affordable party that fits your budget! We have lots of offers and special deals on our Instagram and Facebook pages – check it out!
  5. If your child is too young, why not hire out our day packages that can be set up in the garden or even for a movie day indoors!

We have the solutions to make a dream a reality.

Love Kell x

Published by duskdreamstipicornwall

I am a creative and easy going business owner who creates magical sleepover parties in Cornwall

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