Tipi Garden Parties in Cornwall

Cornwall Tipi Sleepover Parties – Garden Parties

Why not have your party outdoors?

Has your little one missed a birthday due to lockdown? Have you missed an important occasion like a baby shower or hen party? Or have you just simply missed your friends and family?

We ALL deserve to see our friends and family after these unusual times. What a better way to celebrate than with a Dusk Dreams Tipi Party?

‘Lockdown?’ I hear you say! Yes – this has caused so many restrictions for us over the past months. We haven’t been able to do the simple things we enjoy like meeting up with friends and family. But as restrictions are eased we have some solutions for you:

The Perfect Pop up garden party – you can now meet outside with up to 6 people! YAY! These garden tipi Parties are the most amazing way to get friends and family together again after a long time apart. The tipis are spaced out to meet with the government guidelines but still include all the fun.

A Sleepover or day hire, birthday or casual get together, we have it covered. A range of themes and bespoke packages, we will be sure to create something perfect for you.

Check out my website: duskdreamstipicornwall.co.uk for more information.

Making your dreams become reality!

Happy Wednesday,

Love Kell x

Published by duskdreamstipicornwall

I am a creative and easy going business owner who creates magical sleepover parties in Cornwall

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