6 Reasons why a sleepover will benefit your child

The rewards are huge!

Sleepover parties in Cornwall

In my last blog post I gave some top tips on hosting your own sleepover party and briefly touched upon why some people don’t have sleepovers and why they should. Here are 6 reasons how a sleepover party can help with your child’s development.

1. Developing on social and communication skills

During a sleepover party children will have the opportunity to develop in social interaction and communication. Right from sending the invitation to the moment they leave the next day! Having the opportunity to socialise with friends outside of school builds their confidence.

2. Understanding how to build strong foundations in friendships

Sleepovers provide a great bonding experience for children, outside of a school environment but still in a safe place! They can make new friends and interact with each other through games, pampering and conversations.

3. Building on independence

Children are or can be very dependent on parents. Sleepovers will enable your young ones to build confidence in having to do things for themselves slightly more. From asking other parents for a drink or packing their own bag to go away for the night. If they are away from home they are less likely to look to you to ask or do something for them, giving them self confidence.

4. New experiences

For some, it will be your child’s first sleepover – either at home with friends around or being invited to another house for a sleepover. Either way, it will give your child the opportunity to learn new experiences. Understand how to behave at other peoples houses and how to host a group of people at their own house. Not forgetting having a lot of fun in a safe environment for them.

5. Making memories that will last a lifetime

My most favourite memories growing up at are the sleepover parties I had. Fair enough, I didn’t have amazing tipi tents and styled accessories (bed sheets pegged to the sofa is as creative as it got for me back then!). A sleepover party will definitely create ever lasting memories for your child. From the laughs, the pampering and the time spent together.

6. It gives you a break

So you might be the lucky parent whose child is going away for a sleepover. This give you some you time, or some time to spend with a loved one for date night or even to have quality time with another child of yours one on one. If you’re the other lucky parent hosting the party, you get to be part of the personal growth of many children and support them through this journey. And once you’ve hosted a party, more often than not, your child will be invited to a friends sleepover. This means it will soon be your turn to have a night off.

These brief 6 reasons give an insight on how a sleepover party can benefit your children and you! Giving them a fun new experience to develop socially and confidently.

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