The Sleepover Club – Cornwall Edition

Who remembers the sleepover club?

Sleepover in Cornwall

I remember I used to LOVE watching ‘The sleepover Club’ on Nickelodeon! A group of 5 girls who took turns each week to host a sleepover party each week!

I was always really lucky to have sleepovers most weekends, growing up. My mum always let me have friends around.

One of my besties once stayed at mine for a nearly a whole summer holiday and I loved it so much. It was like having another sister!

My twin, my bestie and me. We never had beautiful tipis and themed accessories – we used to put all the cushions on the floor and create a huge bed to sleep on. Staying up late and watching Xfactor and crying with happiness when Leona Lewis won (yes, this long ago!).

But the thing we took from it is our friendship. Our own sleepover club. Building 15 years of friendship and being there for each other no matter what. Being their for those important milestones of engagement and soon to be marriage. Babies. Buying a home. All the things we spoke about but never really thought we would have!

Sleepover parties. Creating memories that will last a life time.

Who would you have in your sleepover club? Who have you built memories with?

Love Kell x

Published by duskdreamstipicornwall

I am a creative and easy going business owner who creates magical sleepover parties in Cornwall

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