3 ways you can still enjoy a tipi sleepover in Cornwall

It is all pretty confusing, but we’re in the together!

Tipi sleepover in Cornwall

So, the rule of six has been put in place but there are lots of questions as to who it applies to and what it means for children.

I have written a few points on what I am doing as a business to keep in like with the guidelines whilst offering the chance for children and families to still have the opportunity for a magical sleepover party in Cornwall!

1. If you are having a tipi sleepover there must be no more than 6 people in the house hold at one time. For example if you have; mum, dad and two children. You can have two additional people to sleepover – and you’ll still have an amazing time!

2. In England, the rule of six can be from a mixture of households – so the maximum number of tipis that can be hired for a sleepover would be five plus the parent- there is nothing saying you can hire six if you want to join in on the fun!

Remember our tipi sleepovers are suitable for adults too!

3. Sibling sleepover, bestie sleepovers, and family sleepovers can definitely go ahead! Get the family together for a cosy themed sleepover, put on a few film and get the popcorn out! A perfect way to celebrate a birthday or a back to school treat!

It is Challenging times, but it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Treat your little ones and book now.

Love Kell x

Published by duskdreamstipicornwall

I am a creative and easy going business owner who creates magical sleepover parties in Cornwall

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