6 ways to make these autumn and winter months feel more cosy!

Tipi Sleepover party in Cornwall

So the nights are getting darker quicker and the wind and rain is picking up. I can’t be the only one to feel this! When I think about Autumn and Winter and I can’t help but think of being wrapped up with a blanket and hot chocolate (or mulled wine)!

Here are 6 ways to make the Autumn and Winter months even more cosy:

1. Baking – from Homemade bread to gingerbread biscuits. It’s a great fun activity to do with the kids when it’s rainy and cold outside, not to mention the amazing treats you get to eat! Message me if you want some recipes. My past career in teaching food means I have lots of fun and quick recipes!

2. Duvet days – an absolute must! Get the comfy clothes on, Netflix or Disney plus and a duvet or blanket and you’re on your way to a good chilled day! Why not look at my day hire package for a Tipi cosy corner or a tipi sleepover party! Perfect way to have a few of your child’s friends round for a duvet day! Or, why not hire it out for yourself!

3. Knit Knit Knit – so I don’t mean to actually knit, unless you can then I’m super jealous! But anything knitted goes! Knitted jumpers and scarfs! Fluffy socks and bobbles hats!

4. Hot chocolates – oh an absolute weakness of mine. Especially when Costa bring out their Autumn and winter special editions. I’d meet regularly with my friend for a catch up at Costa – it was our weekly treat to have a chat and a Costa! But you can easily make it at home, whipped cream on top is a must! Get your favourite mug out and match this up with your duvet day. Perfect.

5. Candles – when it gets dark earlier that means the candles can be lit earlier and for longer during the evening. Check out Cornish Coastal Candles for their amazing range of candles and wax melts. My favourite is the Snow Fairy!

6. Winter walks – winter mist and crisp mornings. Although I am a lover of the sun, having a walk with loved ones and the dog whilst wrapped up in wooly scarf, hat and gloves is just perfect. Hey why not take that hot chocolate with you.

6 simple ways to make your Autumn and Winter months extra cosy. How will you be spending your winter?

Love Kell x

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I am a creative and easy going business owner who creates magical sleepover parties in Cornwall

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